Nutri-brex | A {Gorgeously} Gluten Free Cereal

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{Gluten Free} Christmas Gift Guide

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A {Gorgeously} Gluten Free guide to New Quay, Wales (…and beyond)

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Gluten Free Christmas Coffee’s {2014}.

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5 Gluten Free Things I’m Loving This Week!

1. Olive Ciabatta Breads from Marks & Spencer’s



These little squares of delight are packed full of olivey flavour! They’re delicious! Just make sure you follow the instructions and bake for a little bit first! Really changes the texture for the better!

2. Home Baking. Orange and Polenta Cookies.


I love baking, especially when I’m a home. I’m totally in love with making these lovely little cookies! They always go down a treat! A whole batch of about 30 disappeared over a weekend!

3. Marks and Spencer’s Crumpets


I’m actually just a fan of M&S in general, but I particularly love these crumpets! I always buy them when I’m fancying a treat! They obviously don’t taste a great as the real thing…but they’re pretty close!

4. South African Wine.


I’d give up gluten a million times over before I’d give up wine. I love wine. Especially South African.
I also like South African cider.


(Savannah Dry…the best cider in the world).

Actually, I just like South Africa.

5. Costa Gluten Free Turkey, Bacon and Cranberry Wrap.

IMG_3561.JPG(Thanks Google for this image)

This was super delicious and really got me in the festive mood whilst Christmas Shopping. I do believe they used Newburn Bakehouse (Warburtons) GF wraps…which I love!I’d recommend you trying this one if you’re out and about!

There you go! 5 gluten free things to enjoy this weekend. Especially the wine. Remember, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere?

Coeliac Awareness Week!


So this week is Coeliac UK Coeliac Awareness Week.
This year the campaign is to provide a Gluten Free Guarantee in Supermarkets, to make sure that they have stocked a core range of items in every store:

Fresh white bread
Fresh brown bread
Bread rolls
Breakfast cereals
Cereal Bars

What can you do help?

Order a Gluten Free Guarantee pack from Coeliac UK, Where you can find out loads of things to do to help this week!

I’m going to fill out these Gluten Free Guarantee Cards to help Coeliac UK find out what our local super markets are selling and get them to sign up to the ‘Gluten-free Guarantee.


You can also pledge your support to the campaign online at

If you only do one thing this Awareness Week, complete your store card and post it back to Coeliac UK

12 Things That Happen To Everyone Who is Gluten Free

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Its Pancake Day, and that can only mean one thing….

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