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Nairns Gluten Free Porridge Review

Porridge Porridge Porridge.

The breakfast of winter.

As you may know, I’m not a cereal person. But I am a porridge fan!

So, when I was running late on Sunday for work (no surprise I hear you say) I grabbed one of these bad boys.

20131203-145654.jpgIts very simple, you fill the water up to the line, stir and leave for 4 minutes. The problem was, I didn’t have four minutes. So all ready to leave, I put the water in and left with the pot and spoon in hand! It made an excellent hand warmer on the journey! Now, I only like around 10 minute walk away from my work, so I was pretty behind schedule to be rushing around. However, as promised on the packet, it was ready in 4 minutes, so out came my spoon and I ate it walking down the high street. This porridge lives up to its name…easy! IT was SOOOOO easy! However, if i made it next time I would put a lot less water in, as I like mine pretty stodgy! It was already equipped with milk powder and sugar so it wasn’t like that awful porridge you make with just water. That stuff makes me gag!



These are not so easy as the easy pots…as they are just pure oats in the sachets. You can make them either in the pan or in the microwave…both options take 2 and 1/2 minutes but in the microwave there is less washing up = my choice!

So just pop your oats and 180ml of milk (or water bleurgh! Sorry lactose free people) into the bowl and turn on the poppity ping! Still pretty easy I’ll admit! and delicious! Have it like me, with a dash of brown sugar? or add in some cinnamon for a christmassy winter touch or fruit for some of your five a day!

Now…I know I received these for free, that does not mean I was bribed. This did not effect my review and this is my honest opinion!


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Some common myths…

I’ve been diagnosed for about a year now and I’m still getting confused! You walk around the shop for hours getting more and more frustrated! There are loads of gluten free myths floating around and I’ve decided to tackle them head on!

Firstly, Oats….
Oats are naturally gluten free, but you can’t go eating oats willy nilly! It’s recommended that you avoid all oats for 6 months, to allow your stomach to heal. Then try some pure, uncontaminated oats. Oats are often milled in the same factory as wheat flour meaning major contamination issues! So no Quaker Oats, no Oat so simple….only pure, uncontaminated labeled gluten free oats, look for the crossed grain symbol! You can find a list of these in the wonderful Coeliac Uk food and drink directory! However, BEWARE…. Not all Coeliacs can eat these ‘pure’ oats, for some people it will still make you ill! Try with care! If you’ve not eaten oats yet, I’d recommend having a small spoon full in the morning and record how your feeling for any ‘gluteny’ changes! But always talk to your dietician!

Next…. Starch…
Starch which is added to food usually comes from wheat, potato, maize and corn. Do not fret! Starch made from wheat it must be clearly labelled on the ingredients list.. ‘Modified wheat starch’ ‘starch (from wheat)’ ect. Any other kind of starch, is gluten free… Even if it just says ‘modified starch’. Confusion over.

Moving on to…the dreaded barley malt extract!
You can not have barley malt, so no Horlicks before bedtime! However, barley malt extract is used in such tiny quantities that it can be suitable for Coeliacs, but make sure you check the food directory for the definitive list. It’s usually the cheaper cereal brands that tend to use less barley malt extract, but check check check!

Now, barley malt vinegar! Oh what confusion this caused to me and my sister. Lauren loves mint sauce and lived for almost a year and a half with less than satisfactory lamb. However all vinegar is gluten free! So pour that tangy liquid on your chips now! If you still don’t believe me, it’s because of the distilling and fermentation process, it removes the gluten from it… that means you can also drink malt whiskey too.

Mustard, mustard is gluten free, mustard flour is gluten free….however English Mustard usually has wheat flour added to it, I know Colemans does for sure, but check your directory!

Finally, cosmetics, shower gels, shampoos and toothpaste! This is the biggest myth of all and I see it plastered all over the Internet! When was the last time you ate a bottle of shampoo? Gluten ingredients are only a problem if ingested. I could rub a sandwich all over my face and it will be fine. There is no need to buy gluten free cosmetics, toothpaste, or any other toiletries because. There is no way you can eat enough to cause you to be sick! I promise! Talk to your dietician if your still worried, and you can find out in more detail from the Coeliac UK website.

I hope these myths have made your life a little easier, it certainly did mine! Now I live for drinking vinegar and rubbing muffins on my forehead.

Source: choosing safe foods