7 {Gorgeously} Gluten Free Thing’s I’ve Been Loving This June

1 Pain au Chocolat- Genius I always come back time and time again to these cheeky little pastries. Much better than the croissants- they’re the perfect Sunday morning breakfast with fresh strawberries and a flat white. geniusglutenfree.com 2 Sunday Lunch … Continue reading

My Gorgeously Gluten Free Christmas 2015

It’s Three Kings Day…officially the end of christmas, so I wanted to quickly share with you some of the most delicious food I ate over Christmas this year! I’ll post another blog later in the week and share with you … Continue reading

5 Gluten Free Things I’m loving this week

In the count down to christmas, this week has all been about christmas shopping. However, I’m pretty much done! I’ve over-spent once again and bought ridiculously expensive wrapping paper (I have a problem, I do it each year). But…. if … Continue reading

{Gluten Free} Christmas Gift Guide

~A gorgeously gluten free gift guide~ Christmas is just around the corner… the bells are jingling…the tree is twinkling…and everywhere smells of cinnamon. Time is running out, and I’m at the point where my ideas have run dry! So, I’ve … Continue reading

Genius Short Crust Pastry: Gluten Free Review

Genius Short Crust Pastry     I wanted to make mince pies again this year, after two years of failed attempts and horrendous disappointment…it was safe to say I was apprehensive. #TBT “Disaster Pies” But I had heard great things … Continue reading

Gluten Free White Chocolate Cheesecake

This gorgeous recipe is from the phenomenal Mary Berry, as seen here on BBC food (however I took out the ginger because I didn’t fancy it). Its supposed to be christmassy- hence the holly. If you don’t fancy that, grate … Continue reading

Gluten Free Christmas Coffee’s {2014}.

Your feet hurt, your hands are blistered, Fairy Tale of New York is stuck in your head. It must be christmas time and you’re trying your best this year to not leave all your christmas shopping to the last minute…again. … Continue reading