Allergy and Free From Show London 2016 | A {Gorgeously} Gluten Free Review

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What an amazing day at the Allergy Show at Kensington Olympia. So many old classics and brand new products on the gluten free scene. Unable to make it? I’ve put together this guide of all the things I purchased and a little on what else I wish I could have bought (pockets and practicality depending).

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The whole haul.

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Ciemme Benessere Gnocchi- found at the Free From Italy stand-

IMG_2752 1

Falabella Gluten Free Cannelloni available from Honest Eats- here
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Nutribix- now Nutribrex! An amazing gluten free favourite of the classic weetabix!

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Rice dream- not something that I’ve normally liked (I’m a big lactose fan and I do love almond milk), this was actually delicious. Perfect for making overnight oats! They also did an amazing Coconut dream yogurt! IMG_2760Choco shot, a sugar free liquid chocolate! Perfect for ice cream and hot chocolate!

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Isabel’s….a coeliac’s favourite. The yorkshire pudding mix and these dough balls are my top GF products. Excited to try this amazing looking gravy at only 50p show price!

Isabel’s Gluten Free Yorkshire Pudding Mix: Review

Isabel’s Pizza Base Mix- Bagel Style | A {Gorgeously} Gluten Free Review

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Wallaby’s new snacks! These simple bakes were gorgeous….came in three flavours but the salt and pepper were defiantly the best. I’ve tried the hummus chips before- they’re delightfully moreish.

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Bobs Red Mill…oh what can we say about Bob. What a guy…I actually got to meet him, he’s amazing.

I’ll be doing a full blog post on Bob soon!

Holland and Barrett Free From Foods– featuring Bob’s Red Mill

IMG_2750 1

Liberto, recommended to us by Bob himself! Stocked at the Free From Market 

I really wish I could have picked up some frozen treats from Schar, anything else from delicious alchemy, some amazing sausages from Heck!, some of the new sweet potato wraps from BFree and so so so much more.

Although, I do have to say…I do think there was more choice at the Allergy Show North! I can’t wait to go next year!

Allergy and Free From Show North- Liverpool 2015

7 Gluten Free things I’m loving from the allergy and free from show 2015

What were your favourite things from the Allergy and Free From show? Have you tried any of the things I’ve mentioned here? Let me know in the comments below x


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