10 Gluten Free things I’ve been loving this week

This week has been an amazing week for me Gluten Free wise. Halloween – Bonfire Night – Allergy and Free From Show. It’s been jam packed full of flavour and fun 1. All Hallows’ Eve Carving pumpkins is one of … Continue reading

Ügot, Newcastle Central Station

This story starts a few weeks ago….I bought a pizza from Dominos and got Glutened. This was a catalyst in a series of unfortunate events, resulting in having to pay £60 part-fair for a new train ticket to Suffolk. Fast … Continue reading

7 Gluten Free Things I’ve Been Loving This Week

1.Coffee {again} My best friend Rose took me to this little coffee shop called “Flat Caps”  in Newcastle, its a tiny cafe under a shop, which does amazing coffee (and I saw a GF lemon Drizzle Cake…but there wasn’t any … Continue reading

7 Gluten Free Thing’s I’ve Been Loving This Week

1. Baked White Chocolate Cheesecake I made the same cheesecake I made at Christmas, again, this week for my sisters birthday. Last time, there were many tears from me as my cheesecake emerged from the oven split, looking very much … Continue reading

Grind, Westfield, Stratford City | Gluten Free Review

I do make an effort to eat and drink out at smaller independent establishments, which is why when I’m at Westfields, I always grab a coffee at Grind. Great tasting coffee, which feels like you’re sat somewhere more exotic than and old East London waste land! However, this post isn’t about coffee. It’s about CAKE! Delicious Delicious Cake! Everyone knows how much I love polenta cake. So when I found this amazing Tunisian Orange Cake, I was pretty excited. I wasn’t even hungry but I had to have a piece, served with natural yogurt and tart berries, which complemented the immense sweetness of the cake perfectly, it made my day.


I’d recommend you give it a go if you’re passing by!


Find out where it is here

Gluten Free Christmas Coffee’s {2014}.

Your feet hurt, your hands are blistered, Fairy Tale of New York is stuck in your head. It must be christmas time and you’re trying your best this year to not leave all your christmas shopping to the last minute…again. … Continue reading

Olive and Bean: Gluten Free Cafe Review



I heard about this cafe by little wishers across Newcastle, It was elusive and I could never find it. So I googled it, and the rumours were true, Gluten Free, Deli, Newcastle were all correct information. So when I went home for the weekend I brought my family here, to be greeted by a 20 person queue to the door. Ravenous we went somewhere else.

A Sunday, a few weeks later. I came home again and me and my boyfriend came here for Sunday Brunch.



I got the mega bus at 3.35 am to leeds then another bus to York then a train to Newcastle, in which I arrived at like 10.30. It was a very long journey. So when we arrived at Olive and Bean, I ordered a coffee.

It was a salted caramel mocha, and it was delcious and woke me right up! We read the papers which had been left on the table for everyone to share. We revelled in the lovely atmosphere sat in some nice big comfy chairs. Sipping away at our gorgeous drinks.

After a while, we decided to order. The staff were very nice and the open kitchen looked calm and in order. Looking at the menu, you know your going to be here awhile, we order off the breakfast menu because it looked just delcious. They do gluten free bread, so if you check with the waitress when you’re there about what you can have, I’m sure it might change depending on ingredients they have ect.

I ordered eggy bread with bacon and maple syrup (I asked for it on Gluten Free bread) and it was delcious! My Boyfriend through enjoyed his gluteny meal too!

20131128-123945.jpgThe staff were lovely and friendly and the whole place has a wonderful atmosphere. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and can’t wait to go again!

Starbucks Gluten Free

Starbucks Gluten Free

So after leaving the house for the train too many minutes late, without breakfast, my morning seemed bleak and full of hunger. As I was walking past Starbucks at Sheffield Station my gf-dar started beeping (like a gaydar but for … Continue reading