Cafe Mbriki, Leicester: Gluten Free Cafe Review

This little cafe is just of the main high street of Leicester, in the sweet little shopping area ‘The Lanes’, I’ve heard people talking about it,  but I was always hesitant to go in as there is nothing obviously GF … Continue reading

The Grand Durbar, Leicester: Gluten Free Restaurant Review.

So, I’m in my third (and final) year at Leicester Uni and it dawned on me that I hadn’t been out for a curry. I don’t know how or why this has happened. SO. My lovely Boyfriend came to visit, … Continue reading

The Boot Room, Leicester: Gluten Free Restaurant Review


My lovely housemate Priya, had her parents come visit from London and very kindly took us both out for dinner. I had heard how good The Boot Room was, so after wandering around the city, we decided to go there. I had seen on their website that they had Gluten Free options available but they didn’t specify what they were. Their menu changes regularly and seasonally so the exact options are not listed but I can guarantee that there will be something for you. They reassured me everything was made fresh, so they knew exactly what was in everything.

They treated us to a three course meal, which was so delcious…I ordered the pan fried pigeon with carrot puree and caramelised shallots (sounds fancy…I know! it was!), since only recently migrating from veggie to meaty I haven’t had the opportunity to try lots of different meats but pigeon is delcious! The main course was, beef with dauphinoise potatoes and green beans, which I ordered rare, it was really good, full of flavour and really tasty. Then finally for desert..not that I had much room left but I managed to squeeze in a gorgeous creme brûlée, without the shortbread biscuit  (someone needs to look into the science of why there is always room for desert).

The waiter who served us, was very knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. They even gave me some Gluten Free bread while we waited for our starters (granted it was a bit chewy as I believe it had been deforested in the microwave, but I’m not complaining…I was happy to be thought of).

I’d highly recommend you eat here, whether you are gluten free or not…its lovely. You can book online through their website and make sure you follow them on twitter. I can’t wait to go again…might have to get someone to take me out…its a bit on the pricey side for a poor student like me!


Firebug, Leicester: Gluten Free Bar Food Review

firebug-logoFirebug is a quirky bar in the heart of Leicester, with Tuesday ‘Pop Quiz’ (a very hard pub quiz that no-one could possible know the answers for), great cocktails, gigs, comedy and film nights. It’s a student heaven with £2.50 cocktails on Wednesdays and good cheap food.

The menu is really good, full of Gluten Free Treats and very well labelled. All the Jacket potatoes are GF, you can order yourself some chilli (meaty or veggie) a burger or sarnie which are both served on gluten free bread! Or if you’re feeling like a more substantial meal, order a gammon steak which is served with homemade chips, peas and a fried egg! Yummmmyyyy….

Head down there now and I promise you won’t be disappointed. You’ll probably find me there with a ‘Sex on the Sofa’ in hand…and its my housemates second home…she’ll be there cradling a pitcher of ‘Electric Ice Tea’

Have a follow of them on Twitter. See you at Pop Quiz!

The Old Horse, Leicester: Gluten Free Pub Review

The Old Horse on London Road, is a favourite with students and locals. With an excellent pub quiz on Tuesdays and an incredible beer garden complete with owls, its quite an attraction.

I came here with my housemate Priya and her family for Sunday Lunch one week on a whim. I hadn’t had chance to prepare, calling them up or checking online. So I decided to take some gravy with me just in case.

After meandering through the tables and ducking under the hanging teapots and cup which cascade down from the ceiling…everywhere… we reached the bar. It was a carvery style Sunday Lunch and I asked the staff, who were very helpful and told me what I could and couldn’t have. Obviously yorkshire puddings were out of the question (which is very sad, they make a Sunday Lunch all that it is), the stuffing was gluteny but everything else was fine, I didn’t even need to use my gravy as theirs was made fresh and Gluten Free. Perfect!

I’m not sure what kind of things are available during any other time, but if their ease of helping me with my Sunday Lunch is anything to go by, I can imagine they are more than willing to sort out something Gluten Free.

Have a look at their website, or follow Everards Tiger, the brewery on Twitter, which is made locally in Leicester….However I don’t think they do a Gluten Free beer, but you can always have a cider.

Taps, Leicester. Gluten Free Restaurant Review.

In July, my clever clogs  Boyfriend graduated with a first! So on the day of his graduation I hopped on a train from London and traveled up to Leicester to celebrate with him. After the ceremony and some drinks at … Continue reading

Fingerprints, Queens Road Leicester. Review.

When the sun was shining a few weeks ago, me and my lovely friend Priya (as seen as the crazy paella lady) went to fingerprints to bask and absorb some vitamin d.

Fingerprints is a cute little cafe in Clarendon Park, near Leicester university.

We went in when my gf radar beeped and I noticed gluten free sandwich on their board.

We both ordered the peri peri chicken, mine in two gf buns and Priya’s in a huge baguette. We both thought the food was excellent, a wide choice and great value (with student discount it came to like £3.50 with a drink). The cafe itself boasts an understated hippy green feel making you feel cosy and at home.

I have since been back and was bitterly disappointed to learn there was no gluten free buns left! I honestly almost cried. Never mind 🙂 I’ll go again soon! However I don’t want you I go, otherwise they’ll run out again. So maybe I should blog that it was awful?

Colour works Leicester: Resturant Review

I went for Sunday lunch at Colourworks, Leicester a few weeks ago. It’s located on the River Soar, right next to the city centre. We had rang in advance so we knew there would be gluten free options available. The carvary was lovley, choice of four meats, lots of veg, roast potatoes mash potatoes and the best news of all… All their gravy is gluten free as its thickened with corn flour. The only things not on the menu was stuffing and Yorkshire puds (as much as I love them, I suppose I don’t need them).

The food was great, excellent value and offers a generous student discount. A student carvery is £5.95!

However I would have liked to serve my own vegetables and the decor was a bit ‘Indian Resturant’ style but that’s neither here nor there. Great gluten free food.


Congratulations Leicester!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Coeliac Uk and The University of Leicester for their recent education of the food service staff. It makes me feel proud that my university is taking an interest in gluten free food and that they want to do it to the highest standard.

I’ve been very impressed with the uni, they do fabulous gluten free sandwich in Delicious and everything is well labelled. I feel very safe eating there. I think I speak for the whole Dietary Requirements Society when I say well done!