The Old Horse, Leicester: Gluten Free Pub Review

The Old Horse on London Road, is a favourite with students and locals. With an excellent pub quiz on Tuesdays and an incredible beer garden complete with owls, its quite an attraction.

I came here with my housemate Priya and her family for Sunday Lunch one week on a whim. I hadn’t had chance to prepare, calling them up or checking online. So I decided to take some gravy with me just in case.

After meandering through the tables and ducking under the hanging teapots and cup which cascade down from the ceiling…everywhere… we reached the bar. It was a carvery style Sunday Lunch and I asked the staff, who were very helpful and told me what I could and couldn’t have. Obviously yorkshire puddings were out of the question (which is very sad, they make a Sunday Lunch all that it is), the stuffing was gluteny but everything else was fine, I didn’t even need to use my gravy as theirs was made fresh and Gluten Free. Perfect!

I’m not sure what kind of things are available during any other time, but if their ease of helping me with my Sunday Lunch is anything to go by, I can imagine they are more than willing to sort out something Gluten Free.

Have a look at their website, or follow Everards Tiger, the brewery on Twitter, which is made locally in Leicester….However I don’t think they do a Gluten Free beer, but you can always have a cider.

New Range of Free From Food at the University of Leicester

Congratulations to the University of Leicester for becoming the first Coeliac UK accredited university! Leading the free from way for many other Universities too.

After munching on piles of free samples, available today in the Students Union, I learned about the new range of Free From foods available at Nourish and 1923.

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian and Vegan. There is a delicious sandwich with your name on it!

I’m really impressed with the effort put in by the catering staff, who have all received training in dietary requirements.

As well as sandwiches, there are also salad boxes and cereal bowls, all at a very reasonable price!

I can personally recommend them (I did try them all) and the chilli cheese was was delicious!

They are available from today in the Students Union.

A big thank you to the Dietary Requirements Society of Leicester who started the ball rolling to make all this possible!

Happy Munching!

Congratulations Leicester!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Coeliac Uk and The University of Leicester for their recent education of the food service staff. It makes me feel proud that my university is taking an interest in gluten free food and that they want to do it to the highest standard.

I’ve been very impressed with the uni, they do fabulous gluten free sandwich in Delicious and everything is well labelled. I feel very safe eating there. I think I speak for the whole Dietary Requirements Society when I say well done!

“We Just Want to Eat!”

I want to congratulate University of Leicester’s Dietary Requirements Society for their EXCELLENT campaign to “to stop companies charging excessive prices for essential free-f

rom food; we want restaurants to treat dietary requirements as the life-threatening conditions they are; and we want to reverse the moves by some counties to cut free-from foods from being available on prescription to those whose conditions are life-threatening

!” and make it a priority for our SU! To get involved click the link above…

If you live in Leicester join the Facebook page… you don’t just have to go to Leicester Uni…

“We Just Want to Eat!”