7 {Gorgeously} Gluten Free Thing’s I’ve Been Loving This June

1 Pain au Chocolat- Genius I always come back time and time again to these cheeky little pastries. Much better than the croissants- they’re the perfect Sunday morning breakfast with fresh strawberries and a flat white. geniusglutenfree.com 2 Sunday Lunch … Continue reading

Isabels’s Gluten Free Yorkshire Pudding Mix: Review

I know I have a lot of ‘Favourites’ but Yorkshire Puddings are literally my favourite! I’ve tried to make them many times, sometimes they work, and most of the times they don’t. My sister Lauren makes them the best! She … Continue reading

The Old Horse, Leicester: Gluten Free Pub Review

The Old Horse on London Road, is a favourite with students and locals. With an excellent pub quiz on Tuesdays and an incredible beer garden complete with owls, its quite an attraction.

I came here with my housemate Priya and her family for Sunday Lunch one week on a whim. I hadn’t had chance to prepare, calling them up or checking online. So I decided to take some gravy with me just in case.

After meandering through the tables and ducking under the hanging teapots and cup which cascade down from the ceiling…everywhere… we reached the bar. It was a carvery style Sunday Lunch and I asked the staff, who were very helpful and told me what I could and couldn’t have. Obviously yorkshire puddings were out of the question (which is very sad, they make a Sunday Lunch all that it is), the stuffing was gluteny but everything else was fine, I didn’t even need to use my gravy as theirs was made fresh and Gluten Free. Perfect!

I’m not sure what kind of things are available during any other time, but if their ease of helping me with my Sunday Lunch is anything to go by, I can imagine they are more than willing to sort out something Gluten Free.

Have a look at their website, or follow Everards Tiger, the brewery on Twitter, which is made locally in Leicester….However I don’t think they do a Gluten Free beer, but you can always have a cider.

Colour works Leicester: Resturant Review

I went for Sunday lunch at Colourworks, Leicester a few weeks ago. It’s located on the River Soar, right next to the city centre. We had rang in advance so we knew there would be gluten free options available. The carvary was lovley, choice of four meats, lots of veg, roast potatoes mash potatoes and the best news of all… All their gravy is gluten free as its thickened with corn flour. The only things not on the menu was stuffing and Yorkshire puds (as much as I love them, I suppose I don’t need them).

The food was great, excellent value and offers a generous student discount. A student carvery is £5.95!

However I would have liked to serve my own vegetables and the decor was a bit ‘Indian Resturant’ style but that’s neither here nor there. Great gluten free food.


Polenta Cake

Yesterday I was at a lovely pub in Bristol for my Sunday lunch when I had a DELICIOUS polenta cake for dessert. If anyone knows any good polenta recipes, or any hints and tips please let me know! I’m going to invest in some polenta when I go shopping so I’ll let you know what happens at a later date!

But for now…I’d love your best polenta recipes!