Nutri-brex | A {Gorgeously} Gluten Free Cereal

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Breakfasts have always been a struggle for me as a coeliac. I’ve never really liked cereal and a girl can’t have bacon and eggs every morning unfortunately- although that would be the dream.

Enter: Nutri-brex. 

Nutri-Brex is a relatively new brand on the scene but has been causing quite a stir. Summer 2015 ended with the whispers and rumours of a gluten free weetabix style breakfast…. “It can’t be true” I said.

But it did, out came the 96% wholegrain gluten free breakfast. Made of sorghum, an ancient grain, they really challenge the gluten free cereal market. A big problem with GF cereals, is the levels of sugar, sometimes it’s catastrophic. These however have only 1g of sugar per a 3 nutri-brex portion, compare this to the Nestle Go Free Cornflakes, at 2.5g per 30g portion or 9g for the Honey Corn Flakes. I’ve seen some cereals with up to 13g per serving!

Formally known as Nutribix, the shackles of the wheat biscuit breakfast had to be shred, and with a new name came a delicious new breakfast cereal.

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I was invited to a gorgeous brunch at the beautiful Hoxton Hotel, to learn more about the re-branding and the new cereal launch.

It was explained by James, the CEO, who at one point was being a waiter, that they decided to become a dedicated gluten free company. This did cause the removal of one of their original products, Nutri-bix Gold and Grains. However, has allowed the arrival of a brand new product, Nutri-Brex Gluten Free Coconut & Crispy Rice.

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It was such a warm and welcoming event, and it was beautiful to see the small start up team really passionate about the cereals and how good they actually are.

Many people, like me can only think about the cult classic Weetabix, and will serve Nutri-brex in the classic style- with milk in a bowl.

This is where Ceri Jones, a natural chef from Natural Kitchen Adventures, came in. She showed us that you don’t have to just whack them in a bowl with some yogurt and fruit- although that was delicious. She made a Banana and Coconut Loaf using the Coconut & Crispy Rice, a granola, pancakes, wholegrain bread and Almond Butter Nutri-brex Chocolate Energy Balls- all using either breakfast cereal.


The whole brunch was delicious from start to finish. I’m going to try and make some of the recipes and i’ll let you know how it goes!

A big thank you to the lovely team at Nutri-brex for inviting me to this quaint little brunch, I’ve been a fan of Nutri-brex since it first came out and I hope to see them grow and add more cereals to make my breakfast even more tasty!

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Have you tried Nutri-brex? What’s your favourite way to eat them?! Let me know in the comments below x

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