Genius Crumpets: Gluten Free Product Review

I love crumpets….Actually change that. I loved them. Crumpets were my favourite food pre-coeliacness, so when I was diagnosed I searched and searched, only to be disappointed with stodgy holey circles. Nothing that ever resembled a crumpet. So when these … Continue reading

Summer Camping: A Gluten Free Point of View.

Nathan and I decided that we wanted to go camping! So in August we packed up our new tent and headed off to Whitby. On the way we stopped at the Co-op to buy our shopping….making two sets of meals … Continue reading

Product Review: Hale and Hearty Pizza Mix


Every time I’ve tried to make my own GF pizza dough, it’s turned out too stodgy or too dry! I just couldn’t take it anymore! So when I was in Sainsbury’s, I picked up one of these pizza mixes. I know it’s lazy and expensive but I just wanted a nice pizza. At £1.99 for a box, it’s still cheaper than a frozen pizza, and a lot better for you than those vacuum packed ‘white circles’ claiming to be pizza bases.

All you need to do is add water and oil to the mix and knead for two minutes. The dough had a nice feel to it, not the weird texture that I normally feel with gluten free flours. The dough was easy to roll and I used rice flour to stop it sticking.

I halved the mixture and made a pizza for myself and for my little sister. We thought they were really really good! I love a good ‘thin and crispy’ pizza. It was just that while being soft on the inside.

I’d much rather buy the mixture now than make my own. This company has spent lots of time and money getting the mix right so I don’t think I could ever do any better.

Four stars 🙂

Sainsbury’s gluten free focaccia bread

Sainsbury’s gluten free focaccia bread

This bread is absolutely delicious. Not at all dry, full to the brim with flavour and a proper size. I’d recommend to everyone to try some! I’m not sure how much they are, this delightful sandwich was made for my … Continue reading