Being Gluten Free

Yeah, being Gluten Free is really hard, you have to think ahead, plan and prepare but it doesn’t have to take over your social life, stop you eating out or going on holiday. I’ve been to like four different countries and eaten at like a hundred restaurants in the past 18 months since going gluten free. It’s fine. You just need to take it one step at a time.

Are you a recently diagnosed Coeliac and don’t know what to do now?

You’re getting lots of mixed information regarding what you can and can’t eat?

Do you need to get your head around gluten free prescriptions?

You don’t have a clue what to make?

Do you feel like there is nowhere to eat out?

What on earth will I do when I go on holiday?

We’ve all been there and it was a scary and frustrating time. I felt like that was the end of my life as I knew it. And it was. But then I got a new life and I’m actually loving it. Follow the links to the questions that most describe what you’re thinking right now, and you’ll soon learn that there is nothing to worry about and you can eat most of the things you could before…it just takes a teeny bit more time and brain power.

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