5 Gluten Free Things I’m Loving This Week!

1. Olive Ciabatta Breads from Marks & Spencer’s



These little squares of delight are packed full of olivey flavour! They’re delicious! Just make sure you follow the instructions and bake for a little bit first! Really changes the texture for the better!

2. Home Baking. Orange and Polenta Cookies.


I love baking, especially when I’m a home. I’m totally in love with making these lovely little cookies! They always go down a treat! A whole batch of about 30 disappeared over a weekend!

3. Marks and Spencer’s Crumpets


I’m actually just a fan of M&S in general, but I particularly love these crumpets! I always buy them when I’m fancying a treat! They obviously don’t taste a great as the real thing…but they’re pretty close!

4. South African Wine.


I’d give up gluten a million times over before I’d give up wine. I love wine. Especially South African.
I also like South African cider.


(Savannah Dry…the best cider in the world).

Actually, I just like South Africa.

5. Costa Gluten Free Turkey, Bacon and Cranberry Wrap.

IMG_3561.JPG(Thanks Google for this image)

This was super delicious and really got me in the festive mood whilst Christmas Shopping. I do believe they used Newburn Bakehouse (Warburtons) GF wraps…which I love!I’d recommend you trying this one if you’re out and about!

There you go! 5 gluten free things to enjoy this weekend. Especially the wine. Remember, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere?

I’m Back!

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been away from my blog for a long time now, I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to write anything!

(Yes…thats a real, wild cheetah)

I worked my summer job and had my graduation, then I went on holiday with my family and then I went to South Africa for 10 weeks! It was brilliant. Now I’m back, job hunting and finding whats new in the GF world! I bet I’ve missed so much! I’ve just read on Gluten Free Student Cookbook that Newburn Bakehouse (Warburtons) have a new range…exciting! I must admit that I also found those sub rolls very difficult to work with! I’m currently all about the sandwich thins! (I type this with a bacon sandwich-thin sandwich in my hand).

Do let me know whats good at the moment and what I should try!

I can’t wait to get back to blogging!

Lots of Love,





Warburtons Newburn Bakehouse Gluten Free Sandwich Thins: Review

I got round to trying the new sandwich thins this week. I’d never tried the gluteny version so I was pretty excited! I was really surprised! They were so goo! They were delicious toasted, delicious soft in a sandwich! Here … Continue reading

New Warburtons Newburn Bake House Gluten Free Products Being Announced Today

I can’t wait to try them!

Warburtons Newburn Bakehouse Gluten Free Wraps: Review

20131106-103507.jpgI know these wraps have been out for a while now, and everyone knows about them? But I thought I would share what I think about them anyway!

I still find it weird that they are a square. I never experienced square gluten wraps, ever, so I’m not sure why they are such a shape. It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t effect the taste or texture, but I still find it strange.

They are a soft and have a good texture and our soooo handy! I’ve tried wraps before that snap in half when you try and fold them and taste like cardboard!

I’ve tried them in many ways…

Firstly, I made a pizza, spreading tomato purée and layering with cheese, veggies and garlic chicken. Taste great baked in the oven, and retains a good texture.

The I made fajitas with my boyfriend and housemate. I warmed one up in the oven before serving, it again tasted great.

Then I tried he ultimate test for gluten free breaded products, I tried it cold, straight from the packet as a delicious ham and salad wrap. Again, the wrap stood up to the test and tasted great!

However the only issue I have is that they are so expensive! It’s around £3 for three wraps in my local Tesco and Sainsbury’s. That’s scandalous! I think the BFree wraps are available at around £2.80 for six.

However they are well worth it for a treat!

Review: Warburtons Lemon and Poppyseed Muffins

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Review: Warburtons Lemon and Poppy Seed Muffins. From: Morrisons- around £2.50ish Thoughts: Well my 12 year old coeliac sister lauren reckons they were good…so who can argue with that? 

Warburtons Gluten and Wheat Free Teacakes: Review


These are actually amazing. I was just casually shopping when I spotted these bad boys in the reduced section for like 19p. So I picked them up thinking they would be ideal freezer material and gave them no more thought. Until I got home. I stared at the packed as i put away the shopping, I thought to myself these look okay. When I opened the packed, they didn’t amount to much. Like all gluten free bread it had a weird sponge texture to it. Feeling slightly deflated, I sliced them and popped them in my gluten free toaster bags until they were golden, then it became a whole other ball game. 

They were absolutely divine! The toaster transformed them into golden with a crispy outside and a soft melt in your mouth inside. As a recently diagnosed Coeliac, I have had around 19 years of gluten infested foods and teacakes were one of my favourites. These Warburtons Tea Cakes, in my opinion, are an excellent substitute! I’d actually even buy them full price!  

Tesco: £1.98- Good for the tummy, bad for my student budget but they are so good,

I don’t care!

I’d like to give Warburtons a personal round of applause from me and my sister (who doesn’t like these because she hates raisins) for doing such an great range, I also read today that they even opened up their own separate factory in Newcastle! I’m finally glad the big mainstream companies are understanding and finally providing for the huge demand out there for lovely, fresh, non cardboard-non sponge bread. Thanks!