Prescriptions (UK)

Getting a gluten free Prescription in the UK is just confusing. It varies from place to place, and they never have what they want. There has been many times when I have been missing a handful of my order. And other times where I’ve ordered one white loaf and one fibre loaf only to receive a full box of each. It’s no wonder the NHS are in talks of scrapping it! They are probably losing thousands of pounds from stupidity alone. I am fully against the scrapping of gluten free prescriptions. Why should I have to pay the obscenely high supermarket price for my basic foods? Especially when I was a student and my pasta budget jumped from 18p smart price pasta to super expensive organic hand twirled pasta at like £2.50 a bag. You can read more about my views here. It’s not my fault I’m on a gluten free diet. I’m not on one of these fad diets. So why should I have to pay these ridiculously high prices?

So. What are you entitled to?


child 1-3 years = 10

child 4-6 years =11

child 7-10 years =13

child 11-14 years =15

child 15-18 years =18

male 19-59 years =18

male 60-74 years = 16

male 75+ years = 14

female 19-74 years =14

female 75+ years= 12

breastfeeding? add 4

3rd trimester pregnancy? add 1

These are only guidelines though. Each trust can set their own so you still have to check.

So. What can you have?

Here is the product list? My doctors have given me a cut down list from this an only really includes Glutafin or Juvela.

What do you have to pay?

Well the normal price for a prescription now in the UK is £7.66 £7.85 £8.05 for each line of your prescription. Obviously Scotland, Wales and Ireland are free.

It’s always worth checking to see if you are entitled to free prescriptions (I’m not anymore). You can pick up a HC1 form from any doctors or pharmacy.

This is directly from Coeliac UK’s website regarding pre-payments.
“If you pay for prescription items, it may work out cheaper to get a pre-payment certificate (PPC) which allows you to pay a set fee for either 3 months or 12 months. If you think you will have to pay for 3 or more items in 3 months or more than 13 items in 12 months, a PPC will work out cheaper than paying for individual prescriptions. A PPC costs £29.10 for three months or £104 for 12 months.”

A PPC covers you for all of your NHS prescription costs, no matter how many you need. For more information on savings using a PPC and the PPC application form please visit NHS website or speak to your local pharmacist or GP.

It’s all so confusing!

I know! Coeliac UK understands that their is need for review. If you’re struggling on the diet or not getting what you need contact your dietician.

Do you agree with my views?
How does it work in your country?
Have you had any problems with your prescriptions?

Contact me 🙂


One thought on “Prescriptions (UK)

  1. This is so so unclear and poorly understood by pharmacists and doctors. Mine keep getting it wrong. This is super helpful information, Thank you!

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