7 Gluten Free Thing’s I’ve Been Loving This Week

1. Baked White Chocolate Cheesecake I made the same cheesecake I made at Christmas, again, this week for my sisters birthday. Last time, there were many tears from me as my cheesecake emerged from the oven split, looking very much … Continue reading

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Gluten Free White Chocolate Cheesecake

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Caitlin’s Gluten Free White Chocolate Cheesecake

My non-gluten free sister Caitlin is doing food technology as a GCSE and is doing her coursework on Gluten Free food… this is one of her recipes which she made us today for christmas!


180g digestive biscuits, crushed into fine crumbs. (we used telco free from digestives)

75g butter, melted

500g full fat cream cheese (Philadelphia is good)

100g icing sugar

Two bars of white cooking chocolate (check the ingredients…not all are gluten free)

200ml double cream

1 tsp of vanilla essence (we used almond essence today).


1. Grease and line a deep, round cake tin.

2. Add melted butter and digestive biscuit crumbs together and mix thoroughly.

3. Place butter and biscuit mixture into prepared tin, sugar together pressing down firmly and evenly, until flat. Place in the refrigerator until set (about 30 mins).

4. Beat cream cheese and icing sugar together until well mixed.

5. Add vanilla essence and carefully fold in double cream. (Do not add cream all at once)

6. Melt the chocolate and add to the mixture

7. Empty mixture into cake tin, spreading evenly, and set in the fridge for about an hour.

8. Top with fruit and cut into slices before serving. Enjoy! (We are going to add raspberries before serving!)