Daura Damm: Gluten Free Beer From Estrella. Review.

Not being familiar with the experience of getting home from work and opening a nice cold beer, or cracking open an ice cold bottle at a BBQ- I never really understood why people liked beer… Firstly because I never drank … Continue reading

Darling Spuds Sour Cream with a Hint of Mexican Chilli Crisps: Gluten Free Review

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Cookie O’s: Gluten Free Oreo Style Biscuit Review

Oreos…The biscuit craze that has never vanished. Everyone loves them, Americans, Brits! Well I bet most Coeliacs out there love them too. But they probably haven’t tried them, or ‘used’ to love them until bam…no more gluten.

Well I got to try these Semper Gluten Free Cookie-O’s!



There is 10 in a packet, and come in 5 portions of 2 biscuits and they’re available to buy from glutenfreefoodmarket.com  for £3.99. Which is quite expensive for 10 biscuits…thats like 40p per biscuit! I worked out that there is like 78 calories per Cookie-O which is really good considering the high calorie value of most Gluten Free biscuits.

So…the actual biscuit. It was pretty tasty and had a strong chocolatey taste, they were really yummy. Perfect dunked in my tea.

I do have a bone to pick though…not just with these ‘Cookie-O’s’ but kinda all Gluten Free biscuits. Why do you all have to be small and in little packets? You don’t get normal biscuits presented in such a way? but never mind!

To conclude: They are pretty tasty, but quite expensive, I wouldn’t buy them except for a special occasion, just because I;m pretty poor!


Enjoying my cookie o’s with a big mug of tea whilst pottering through my dissertation!

These little Cookie O’s were sent to me to review, however this did not effect my opinion. I am 100% honest!

Nairns Gluten Free Biscuit Breaks Review

Now…These biscuit ‘breaks’ confuse me! Are they a breakfast? Like the gluten containing Belvita Breakfast Biscuits. Are they a snack? Am I allowed to have ‘biscuits’ for breakfast?! I just don’t know! What I do know, is that when you … Continue reading


Exciting news…

Poooor Student…

What I’ve been making this week….

This is my version of a clear out the fridge meal! Armed with the sausages I bought on Thursday (which I made into three meals: bargain) and some vegetables from my housemate who was leaving too; I made this delicious treat!

In one pan, I added garlic and butter with courgette slices. Don’t turn the heat on just yet. In another pan, I add onion, garlic, the sausages chopped into ‘meatballs’, and fry. Next add some chopped pepper, cherry tomatoes, Italian herbs and cayenne pepper. Keep frying until the sausages are almost done, add a tin of chopped tomatoes and simmer. Now turn on the courgette pan and stir fry them in the butter until they are just cooked, I like mine still crunchy. Toast some ciabatta and pour any garlic butter let on to them. Plate it all up and serve!