If you have any questions to ask, please ask me ANYTHING…

Do you have any questions about restaurants? Are you newly diagnosed? Want advice on recipe idea? Want to know more about me? Why not send me a picture if you’re unsure if something is gluten free?

Anonymous questions can be asked using the box, or if you’re not shy use the comment box at the bottom of the page!

Ask away!

“What are your favourite pizza’s?”

Well, my favourite pizza from a restaurant has to be Prezzo…but from the supermarket Asda’s pepperoni and garlic bread pizzas are to die for! I add some extra cheese and a spinach to the pepperoni one, and extra cheese to the garlic one….for me, it’s the only way to eat pizza!

“Why did you start your blog?”

It really helped me come to terms with my new lifestyle, and writing about it makes it all seem real. I also like to think if my blog can help at least one other person feel better about their Coeliac Disease and Gluten Free diet, then my diagnosis  and personal struggles with it would all be worth it!

“How do you survive being a coeliac and a student?”

Well, I can’t eat 19p pasta any more, or buy chips from the kebab shop (which is really a blessing in disguise)…so I tend to buy healthy foods in bulk. Me and my flatmate Priya share our shopping bill, so we eat everything together, so then she buys non-GF stuff and I buy my own. Then make really cheap meals together, if you have a look through my blog you’ll see we’ve made; burgers, paella, sunday lunches, curries all on a student friendly budget! It is hard sometimes because GF foods are so expensive, I tend to bee-line towards the reduced sections and buy reduced breads in bulk when they’re available and freeze them. Rice is also a great alternative to costly pasta!

p.s. there are no silly questions…

4 thoughts on “FAQ’s

  1. i am a coeliac, i was diagnosed earlier this year and wondered what you have found the hardest? i’m struggling with making meals that i can use for the whole family, as i have a husband and two kids. any ideas for meals i can make for everyone?

    • Hi Lorraine! Good question! The thing I’ve found hardest is eating out, but that slowly gets easier the more you do it, and the better you prepare! Well I have a lot of experience with family meals and me and my little sister are both coeliacs, so my Mam has a heck of a job cooking as she is a vegetarian, and my Dad and other sister are not GF! I love this chilli con carne with cornbread, this Malanzane alla Parmigina is delicious, or you could make burgers for everyone and give the non-GF people normal buns, but my flatmate liked the B-Free Ones! Let me know if you try any of these recipes and how they go!

  2. I have a recipe for making stuffed peppers, that uses cous cous? I know cous cous isn’t gluten free so what do you think i could use instead?

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