A {Gorgeously} Gluten Free guide to New Quay, Wales (…and beyond)

If you want to experience beautiful scenery, incredible wildlife {whales and dolphins} and delicious food…head to New Quay, Ceredigion, Wales. I spent 6 weeks volunteering with Sea Watch, a marine conservation charity, which is based in New Quay. I expected nothing from this tiny sea side town, in a remote area of Wales. Oh, how wrong was I?! There is Gluten Free EVERYWHERE! So, I’m going to tell you all about it, then you will visit!

New Quay


The Lime Crab

Right next to the pier, this is one of many fish and chip shops in New Quay, but the only one which offers Gluten Free Fish and Chips. All day, every day! 🙂 I wrote a full blog post earlier which you can read here and check their website for location and phone number. They are absolutely delicious. 🙂

The Bosuns Locker

This little cafe is really lovely. The owners are really nice and they seem very happy to accommodate to dietary requirements. When I popped in the lady told me that they have a gluten free brownie….I also spoke to her about their Sunday Lunch, she said that if you bring along your own gravy then the Sunday Lunch will be fine (minus the Yorkshire and stuffing).


Creme Pen Cei


Gelato at its finest. This ice cream shop offers gluten free cones! Eeeeek! 🙂 Just check with the staff what flavours are gluten free, they’re very happy to help! Check Facebook for location ect.

Raspberry and White Chocolate on the left, Cherry on the right.

The Penwig

The Penwig, is a pub part of the Brains chain. The menu is well labeled and changes regularly. I’d recommend you ask to speak with the chef if its not to busy, as they might be able to adapt some of the specials for you. If not, the steak and gammon are a winner!


The Black Lion


Not the prettiest of meals, but very filling and very tasty!

The Black Lion is the perfect pub for an evening drink, it has a beautiful view over the harbour and out to sea, and the beer garden is huge! However, its quite expensive but they view is worth it! As for the food, its just classic pub food. There aren’t many options for gluten free, only the steak’s and gammons. However, the staff were really attentive and made sure that what I wanted was okay. I ordered my gammon with a jacket potato as the chips weren’t GF, but to be honest I didn’t need it! The gammon was the size of my face! It was huge! Very filling and did the job. I wouldn’t choose to eat there again, but it was fine as someone else had chosen the venue.



Melyn-y-Gors Bed and Breakfast

This gorgeous little B&B, has the most delightful cafe; it’s run by a really lovely couple, who are warm, friendly and welcoming. Being one of the only things actually in Cwntudu, I was surprised that they did GF. I ordered the brownie, and it was one of the best I’ve ever tasted.

{To get here you can pop on the Cardi Bach, or walk along the Coastal Path from New Quay}


This is the next town along on the way to Aberystwyth, its slightly larger than New Quay but offers something quite different.

The Hive


The Hive is a gorgeous marina-side cafe/restaurant has Gluten Free buns available, opening up lots of the menu to GF options. Their allergy menu was very thorough, and I felt confident the staff knew what was what. I ordered a BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich, with a side of coleslaw (watch out the chips aren’t GF)

Cost Cutter

The Cost Cutter in Aberaeron has a good selection of Gluten Free products, so don’t worry! 🙂 I found pasta, cakes and other essentials!

YDFA Vegetarian Store

The Health Food Store is located on Victoria Street, it stocks a wide variety of different foods, many of which include GF options! Check it out for some unusual flours!

Llanerchaeron, National Trust Cafe

After a lovely walk along the footpath from Aberaeron, we stopped this little National Trust Cafe for a spot of afternoon tea. Raspberry lemonade and a chocolate brownie were just what I needed to refuel. The delightfully unique teapots made the afternoon more memorable! 🙂


Take Away

Secret Thai Kitchen

The paper menu is well labelled with GF options, its all cooked fresh to order so I’m sure other dietary requirements will be able to be considered, find the number on their website.

Have you been to New Quay, or any of the surrounding area? Do you know any places with Gluten Free options? 😀 Let me know all about them!


9 thoughts on “A {Gorgeously} Gluten Free guide to New Quay, Wales (…and beyond)

  1. A restaurant called Food for thought in Cardigan have an excellent gluten free menu. Also in the indoor market in cardigan there is a stall called country kitchen who makes beautiful fresh home made gluten free bread, pasties, cakes. Etc Her family are celiacs so she knows all there is to know on the subject. People travel miles to buy her food on a weekly basis including me. There is another small delightful cafe called Balotties. Hope this is helpful.

  2. Hi, I’ve been going to Aberaeron and New Quay a few times a year for holidays since I was born – this year is no different, but at the start of the year I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease, so I was worried about finding my way there with a new diet. So, I just want to say a massive THANK YOU for this post (and blog) – it’s been invaluable and helped put my mind at ease! Really appreciate it 🙂

      • I’ve been to all the aberaeron places you mention but never really thought about the gluten free aspect, so this info has been brilliant (my parents have a caravan there, so I use it a few times a year). And I love eating chips on the beach at New Quay, so I’m happy that I can still do that without worrying!
        I’ll definitely let you know about other places when I return… I plan on testing a few! Thanks again 🙂

      • Post-holiday update: Thanks again for this, it was invaluable! Especially the tip off for the fish and chips at the Lime Crab….

        Anyway, a few other Aberaeron things – the range of GF food in Costcutters is much bigger this year, it’s enough to rival some supermarket sections.

        There’s a great cafe on the square called La Cuccina – they have a few GF cakes available. Good coffee too.

        The Celtic do the best chips in Aberaeron, and happily they’re GF too – and the Honey Ice Cream by the Hive now do GF cones.

        Many many thanks 🙂

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