Ügot, Newcastle Central Station


This story starts a few weeks ago….I bought a pizza from Dominos and got Glutened. This was a catalyst in a series of unfortunate events, resulting in having to pay £60 part-fair for a new train ticket to Suffolk. Fast forward 4 weeks and I, terrified of missing another train, arrived at Newcastle Central Station 40 minutes early.

Feeling a bit peckish, as travelling makes me hungry, I thought about going to M&S but I’d already gone through the ticket barriers. A red flash caught my eye. Tentatively walking into Ügot, I saw a sign. It called me over, saying “I’m gluten free” in a soft and warming tone. Struck by the choice of multiple wraps and salads, I froze. Could this be true? I picked up a roast vegetable and hoummous wrap, ordered a flat white and revelled at what was set out before me. Smoothies, froyo and muffins. Chatting to the barista was pleasent, she was lovely but I was dristracted by the muffins. I had to have one, but which one? They were all gluten free. Confused by all the choice I stood silent. “I’ll have a Cherry and Cacao muffin too please.” Never before had I wanted a muffin so badly. Cherries=good. Cacao=good. Topped with pistachios= unbelievable!

I got on the train all excited for this new experience. However, there’s a concept in my life called #ByrneLife…where unlucky things happen to me and my family…particularly when travelling. So, I get on the busy train, and search the infathomable numbers for my seat. I found it, but someone was siting there. So I made the dreaded decision and asked her to move. This then caused some awkward social problems….upon asking this nice lady to move, I dropped her iPad on the floor, went to pick it up and split my flat white on a passive aggressive mans iPad. Then I spent the rest of the journey in an awkward silence on my iPad. People need to calm down with the iPads. Back to Ügot.

Now in the awkward silence of the quiet coach, I open my wrap. The journey has been restored as it’s delicious! Filled with roasted vegetables, it was super tasty and pretty healthy. I just love having gluten free food available to grab and go. Not having to think or trawl around M&S food looking for suitable carbs to sustain your train journey is lovely. I enjoyed my wrap with some plantain crisps, which I brought with me (it’s my current favourite snack).

Quote from my namesake (my middle name is Paige…not Jimmy)

So there is a Ügot in Newcastle station and one in York station, I believe they are expanding as you read. I think they’re going to do really well, it’s tasty and convenient with a good strong brand. Apparently Ügot is a made up word but means lots of cake in Hebrew? Cool eh?

While I was in, I told the server that I didn’t know they did gluten free and a guy out back said that’s because they don’t shout about it and they’re sorry. But Ügot server, I reject your apology. I like that you don’t shout about it, I like to feel included without being singled out as different. I like eating places where everyone can enjoy themselves, anyone can grab what they want and I like it when places provide good gluten free options without making a fuss. Don’t change, we will shout and scream so you don’t have too!

Now…lets talk about cake. The muffin was soft and delicious, the pistachios were like little drops of golden sun sprinkled on top. Delicious! I enjoyed it with my little flask of tea that I’d brought with me…so organised!

So, Ügot is great, a bit on the expensive side but nothing you wouldn’t expect from station food. Good Quality. Great Brand. Nice staff.

Find them at Newcastle Central Station and York Station (with some new ones opening soon…Harrogate I think).












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