10 Gluten Free things I’ve been loving this week

This week has been an amazing week for me Gluten Free wise. Halloween – Bonfire Night – Allergy and Free From Show. It’s been jam packed full of flavour and fun

1. All Hallows’ Eve

Carving pumpkins is one of the most difficult and frustrating things in the world whilst being perfectly satisfying and fun! I wonder if you can guess which is mine and which is my boyfriends?  The quality of pumpkins was seriously reduced this year, so I didn’t roast it after or use the seeds, which is a shame. Pumpkin soup and chilli seeds are such delicious and warming winter treats!

2. Brunch with friends

 Catching up with a friend is such a simple pleasure. My friend and I had brunch at Bills in Covent Garden, we chatted for hours, wandered around the shops and finally stopped for a nice warming cup of coffee. There’s something about those intense notes that brings out such warm conservation between friends.


The funnest place on earth. My boyfriend and I spent way to much on far too little, feasted on Swedish delights in the cafe and squeezed a sofa in a taxi.

I ordered a salmon with hollandaise, chips and some random loganberry jam on the side.

{We obviously couldn’t leave IKEA without the obligatory tarta and elderflower cordial too}

4. Carrot Cake

Okay okay, I make the worlds best carrot cake. It’s the only thing I can do right. It’s moist, full of flavour and has the tastiest topping imaginable. It’s a very simple recipe but highly delicious, I’ve got an interesting twist coming up with it soon (are you tingling with mystery and intrigue?).

This time I had to bake them into little cupcakes as we don’t actually own a baking tin. Like what? That’s bad.

5. Bonfire night baked potatoes

Served with chilli, thrown together with all the delightful things we had in the cupboard, intensified with beef stock, red wine and some barbecue sauce. (I did say it was all thrown together). I also loaded mine with guac and cheese…gotta get my calcium from somewhere!

6. Cottage pie

Simple comfort food that warms the soul and makes your heart sing. Slow poked for hours, served in individual tins for added style, then topped with cheesy mash and grilled until crispy. What more could you want on a cold winters evening.

7. Keep Me Gluten Free Stickers

I’ll tell you more about these later. But I’m totally, out of control in love with them.

8. Perkier! snacks

Quinoa, cashews and cranberries. That’s a lot of tasty “C’s”.

 K-C-Q what’s the difference eh? Snacks are central to my life and these don’t disappoint, healthy and tasty, these are the perfect addition to my work desk drawer.

9. Natures Path Organic

Kind of new to my radar, some of the most delicious breakfast cereal since Udi’s Granola {or since sliced bread if you like an ironic idiom}.

10. The Allergy and Free From Show- North.

Didn’t think my week could get anymore exciting…well wait until I tell you all about the Allergy Show!

Allergy and Free From Show North- Liverpool 2015


What gluten free things have you been loving this week? Let me know in the comments below.


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