Pizza Hut Review

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Its all gone pizza crazy!

I have just heard that as of this week PIZZA HUT have now started doing gluten free pizzas  in their restaurants! Amazing news? Correct! These Pizzas according to Coealic UK ”meets the No Gluten Containing Ingredients (NGCI) accreditation” and are available in all their restaurants right now! Don’t fret! the dough is kept separate all the way, and they even have their own specific gluten free sauce and utensils! Pizza Hut have even made sure that their staff are clued up and its prepared in a different part of the kitchen! I’m so excited to much on these bad boys!

Even more exciting than that is are good friends Dominoes will start a gluten free range by November, which has been accredited by Coeliac UK!

If you fancier a posh-er pizza then Prezzo, the chain resturant now have 13 options for a lovely stone baked pizza available in 173 of its resturants!

GOOD TIMES. Get munching everyone! If you have had one already then please let me know what it was like! I can’t wait to go get one!