6 {Gorgeously} Gluten Free Thing’s I’ve Been Loving This May

Better late then never! haha 1 Picnics at Hamstead Heath with special help from M&S May brought with it some actually nice weather. The first thing we did with the bank holiday is spend a long day playing games and … Continue reading

4 Gluten Free Things I’m Loving This Week

1. Twinnings Green Tea With Lemon.

Since my Teatox finished I’ve become addicted to green tea instead! The lemon makes it totally refreshing and its makes me feel so warm inside….which is great because the weather is awful. It hasn’t stopped raining for like 5 days.


2. Pepper Relish

It is good with cheese on toast. Its good on chicken. It’s actually good with anything. It’s like the chilli jam you get at Nandos.


3. Marks and Spencer’s

Oh boy, do they do some good food or what?!

This paella was amazing, and part of the two can dine for £10, it got this, a side, two panacottas and a bottle of wine! They’re giving stuff away!


These sausages are like something I’ve only dreamed about.


Dolmades remind of me my summer living it up in Crete saving turtles, and eating hummus by the bucket.


4. Passionfruit Curd

This time a sweet condiment to tickle your tastebuds. Put this on toast, in your porridge, eat it off a spoon. Good bye healthy eating! It’s so hard to try and eat this in moderation.   I don’t care about eating this in moderation. I need it in my mouth.20140528-141638-51398496.jpg

Marks and Spencer Gluten Free Salmon Fishcakes: Review

I picked these up from the M&S Fishcakes section, they’re available in most of the food halls, the M&S in Leicester isn’t that big, they also had a white fish variety too. Baked for around 20 minutes, they were really … Continue reading