Firebug, Leicester: Gluten Free Bar Food Review

firebug-logoFirebug is a quirky bar in the heart of Leicester, with Tuesday ‘Pop Quiz’ (a very hard pub quiz that no-one could possible know the answers for), great cocktails, gigs, comedy and film nights. It’s a student heaven with £2.50 cocktails on Wednesdays and good cheap food.

The menu is really good, full of Gluten Free Treats and very well labelled. All the Jacket potatoes are GF, you can order yourself some chilli (meaty or veggie) a burger or sarnie which are both served on gluten free bread! Or if you’re feeling like a more substantial meal, order a gammon steak which is served with homemade chips, peas and a fried egg! Yummmmyyyy….

Head down there now and I promise you won’t be disappointed. You’ll probably find me there with a ‘Sex on the Sofa’ in hand…and its my housemates second home…she’ll be there cradling a pitcher of ‘Electric Ice Tea’

Have a follow of them on Twitter. See you at Pop Quiz!