The Boot Room, Leicester: Gluten Free Restaurant Review


My lovely housemate Priya, had her parents come visit from London and very kindly took us both out for dinner. I had heard how good The Boot Room was, so after wandering around the city, we decided to go there. I had seen on their website that they had Gluten Free options available but they didn’t specify what they were. Their menu changes regularly and seasonally so the exact options are not listed but I can guarantee that there will be something for you. They reassured me everything was made fresh, so they knew exactly what was in everything.

They treated us to a three course meal, which was so delcious…I ordered the pan fried pigeon with carrot puree and caramelised shallots (sounds fancy…I know! it was!), since only recently migrating from veggie to meaty I haven’t had the opportunity to try lots of different meats but pigeon is delcious! The main course was, beef with dauphinoise potatoes and green beans, which I ordered rare, it was really good, full of flavour and really tasty. Then finally for desert..not that I had much room left but I managed to squeeze in a gorgeous creme brûlée, without the shortbread biscuit  (someone needs to look into the science of why there is always room for desert).

The waiter who served us, was very knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. They even gave me some Gluten Free bread while we waited for our starters (granted it was a bit chewy as I believe it had been deforested in the microwave, but I’m not complaining…I was happy to be thought of).

I’d highly recommend you eat here, whether you are gluten free or not…its lovely. You can book online through their website and make sure you follow them on twitter. I can’t wait to go again…might have to get someone to take me out…its a bit on the pricey side for a poor student like me!