6 {Gorgeously} Gluten Free Thing’s I’ve Been Loving This May

Better late then never! haha

1 Picnics at Hamstead Heath with special help from M&S

IMG_2158 1

May brought with it some actually nice weather. The first thing we did with the bank holiday is spend a long day playing games and drinking wine in one of London’s greatest green spaces. We brought a bottle of wine from home and loaded up on some epic picnic bits from M&S and everything is gluten free!

2 Banana bread muffins


Everyone loves spontaneous baking-these delicious weeny muffins came out of necessity of too many ripe bananas! I don’t really have a particular recipe, I just kind of throw what I have in the bowl! But here is a good basic one– just substitute the flour for GF 🙂

3 Indoor BBQ

IMG_2223 1

We don’t have a garden or any space at all for a BBQ, so this was our gorgeous indoor option. Vegetable kebabs with marinated chicken, grilled corn, rocket salad and the most amazing potato salad.

Again, no real recipe but you need; Pre-cooked potatoes which have been cooled and chopped ~ chopped red onion ~ capers ~ chopped gherkins ~ light mayonnaise ~ extra-virgin olive oil ~ white wine vinegar ~ fresh chives ~ salt and pepper.

4 Hooked Fish and Chips- Hammersmith

IMG_2264 1

Gluten free fish and chips- dedicated fryer- served all day, every day! Whats the catch? haha

Although the chips were slightly pale for my taste, the fish was delicious and crispy- what a great gluten free batter. At last, fish and chips in London where I don’t have to travel half way across the city or only be able to eat every third Wednesday at 2pm.


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5 Arepas- Kingston Upon Thames Street Food Market

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If you ever see the Arepas guys at Kingston- please get one! Arepas are traditional South American corn griddle breads. This one is filled with chorizo, and topped with all things yummy, including plantain! Mmmmm…. enjoy along a stroll along the Thames.

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6 Deliciously Ella Recipes- Sweet Potato Brownies and Homemade Gnocchi and Pesto

IMG_2107 1 IMG_2165 1

These are from Deliciously Ella’s first book which is filled to the brim with gorgeous gluten free recipes (which are also happen to be healthy healthy healthy!).

My boyfriend and I both loved the sweet potato brownies- I don’t have a mixer which is why they are a little bit stringy but delicious all the same. No these don’t taste like the super indulgent ones you can buy from a bakery- but they are a different take, which ooze gorgeousness.

However, the gnocchi is out of this world! I used egg yolks instead of apple puree and parmesan instead of nutritional yeast- but oh wow. Absolutely amazing – and so much fun to make!

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However the highlight of May for me was our trip to Budapest! Eeeek…blog post coming soon!


This post is super late because I spilt cider all over my mac, and completely ruined the keyboard. So I had to send it off to be fixed! Oh dear!

Huevos del Mundo | A {Gorgeously} Gluten Free Brunch Recipe

How was your May? Have you tried any of the gorgeously gluten free things I’ve been loving this month? Let me know in the comments below. 

Love Beth x

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