10 {Gorgeously} Gluten Free Thing’s I’ve Been Loving This April

This April felt like the longest month ever, 5 weeks between paydays. The usual messy weather; a mixture of sunshine and showers…. One day sitting in a roof garden, the next snuggled on the sofa as its too chilly and wet to go outside. However, I’ve managed to squeeze an awful lot of amazing food in this month! Don’t worry, these lighter nights mean I can start to pop to the gym after work!

24 hours with me | The Work Edition {Gorgeously Gluten Free}

1 Pimms in the sunshine


The first week of April brought with it the sunshine. My boyfriend and I sat on the Southbank roof terrace with the most expensive jug of Pimms I’ve ever bought. Although, it was worth it. There is nothing nicer that an icy cold beverage while soaking up the rays. Pimms is my all time favourite summer drink. It reminds me of camping holidays with my family, playing games outside in the hot sun!

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2 Huevos del Mundo


The perfect brunch, so simple and easy to make. Would be perfect if you were cooking for a few friends and family, but just as delicious on your own! Find the recipe below…

Huevos del Mundo | A {Gorgeously} Gluten Free Brunch Recipe

3 Scotch Eggs, Treacle Pudding and the new M&S range

img_2027-1 img_2028-1 img_2029-1

The new M&S range looks fabulous. Now, its not for everyday eating- thats for sure! Lots of quick convenient meals and tasty treats. So far, I’ve managed to try the scotch egg (much better warmed up for sure!) and the treacle pudding.

4 Crazy Popcorn


The weirder the flavour the better. Found in Wholefoods!

5 Bird- Shoreditch

img_2018-1 img_2020-1 img_2019-1 img_2017-1 img_2016-1

Two chicken pieces and cheesy korean fries

Bird is a small chicken restaurant near Shoreditch, East London where we can rejoice in gluten free fried chicken! Now, the menu is a little confusing, but just ask the staff- they are super knowledgeable and very helpful.

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6 Top Dog- Soho


Hot dogs and sweet potato fries guys…again, slightly confusing menu but just check in with the staff and they will guide you through. Perfect after a long day in central London!

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7 Rule of Crumb


These are the tastiest fish fingers I’ve ever eaten! Available from Ocardo, with a high price tag, these little fishy fingers are an occasional treat. But, with a little tartar sauce they will make the best fish finger sandwich you’ve ever tasted.
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8 Banana Tree-Soho


The tastiest food I’ve eaten in a very long time. Beautiful and delightfully flavoursome- this is just all round yummy! Nice menu, with lots of gluten free options, as well as vegan and veggie options!

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9 Big Easy- Covent Garden


Now this place is about pure indulgence. Go before 7pm for Happy Hour- £4 cocktails! They have a great gluten free menu, but I would recommend the Lobster Fest….lobster, fries and a cocktail! The inner veggie in me struggled a bit with the lobster, but it was really tasty!

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10 Primal Pantry


These little bars are yummy! I don’t eat Paleo but it really doesn’t matter. These fruit nutty little bars are a wonderful tasty healthy snack.

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How has your April been? Have you been loving anything amazing this month? Have you tried any of the things above? Let me know in the comments below x


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