Huevos del Mundo | A {Gorgeously} Gluten Free Brunch Recipe


Huevos del Mundo | Eggs of the world. My take on Huevos Rancheros, Shakshuka and all the things I love rolled into a delicious brunch.

This is just a recipe I made up as I was going along, but you can make these however you want, with anything you have lying around. I’m a big believer of cooking to how you feel, and with what you have. But anyway, this is how I did it….


~Makes too much for two~

-You will need a frying pan with a lid for this recipe-

Coconut oil

1 red pepper and 1 yellow pepper sliced into strips

1 red onion sliced

2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped

1/2 a chorizo sausage sliced into disks

6 cherry tomatoes halved

1/2 tsp cumin seeds

1 tsp of smoked paprika (Add some cayenne pepper or chilli too if you like a bit of a kick)

1 tsp of mixed herbs

1 tin of black eyed beans, drained

1 tin of chopped tomatoes and a little water to swill the can

salt and pepper to taste

4 eggs

spring onions, chopped


Add a little coconut oil to a frying pan. Add the peppers, onions and garlic and sauté on a low heat until the onions become slightly translucent. Add the chorizo and sizzle until they become slightly crispy and change colour. Add the cherry tomatoes, cumin, paprika and mixed herbs, as well as any other spices you might use. Stir for a bit, coating all the ingredients in the spices and chorizo infused oil. Add beans and chopped tomatoes, using a little water to swill out all the tomato flavour. Simmer for a minute or two while you make sure you’ve got a timer and a lid for your eggs. Set your egg timer to 2.5 minutes. Make 4 wells in the tomato mixture and crack in the eggs. Start the timer and pop on the lid. I like my eggs very runny, so keep an eye on them if you want them done a little more. Make sure all the egg whites have cooked before turning off the heat, sprinkling on your spring onions and serving.


I served mine with some M&S seeded brown toast and guacamole. But you could do anything, tortilla and cheese, nachos and sour cream! What ever tickles your brunching fancy!

Do let me know if you’ve made this and how it turns out? Any tips or brunching ideas? Please tell me in the comments below! x


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