24 hours with me | The Work Edition {Gorgeously Gluten Free}


So this week I thought I would post something different and take you on a journey with me during a typical day and telling you what I eat along the way!

I currently work in London and have two shifts 10:00-6:30 or 8:00-4:30. I’ve started this new thing where I get up with my Boyfriend at 6:30 regardless of my shift and try to be super productive in the mornings….turns out I’m not very good at it!



6:30 oh… the alarm goes off and I begrudgingly wake up. I like to scroll through Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram until I feel like a real human being | 7:15 I normally put on BBC breakfast or watch YouTube videos while get ready, tidy our room, plan and write blog posts. I love watching Lily Pebbles and Viviannadoesmakeup. I’m not going to lie to you, I love watching their organisational videos! | 9:00 I leave for work (in a rush) and walk through the park listening to podcasts, mainly the Allusionist, No Such Thing As A Fish, Criminal and Serial | 9:45 I like to arrive early so I can have my breakfast at my desk. Normally I bring granola, berries, yoghurt and honey but sometimes I’ll make scrambled egg on toast. I leave my toaster bags at work so I can use the office toaster! | 2:00 It’s finally time for my lunch break- I normally bring soup and a naked bar or some delicious leftovers. I went through a phase of making cheese toasties- but I decided to switch to something a little more healthy! I reply to my personal emails or watch something on catch up | 6:30 I walk home. It’s a good 45 minutes journey each way so I munch on a banana to stop myself buying a bag of plantain chips from the local shops. | 7:30 After flopping down on the bed for 10 minutes, I start making dinner with my boyfriend. We normally have pasta, risotto or chicken and veg. We love our spiralizer and often make courgetti. Tonight was a cottage pie with a twist…instead of mash potatoes I used carrot and swede! Mmmm….  | 8:30 We eat dinner, chat and watch telly or I force him to play Yahtzee or Bananagrams with me. | 11:00 I always take off my make up before bed and jump in as quickly as possible, I’m definitely not a night owl…but then again I’m not a morning person either! | 6:30 7 and a half hours is just not enough sleep….the twinkle of my alarm goes off, I reluctantly try to open my eyes and start another day. 

What do you do in a normal day? Do you like to do the same things as me? Let me know in the comments below x


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