7 Gluten Free things I’m loving from the allergy and free from show 2015

1 The White Rabbit Pizza Company

A new face to the Free From world, the White Rabbit Pizza Co. added some splendid frozen pizzas to the day. Soft, tasty and good textures, they bases were gorgeous and complimented beautifully by some magical topping fit for any mad hatters tea party! The pieces were going as fast as they could slice them, and we can see why. ¡Muy delicioso! I keep checking the website to find a stockist but it’s not up yet! Ahhhhh…. I want pizza! @whiterabbitpiz

IMG_2007 IMG_2009

2 FEEL FREE donuts

Never did I think I would have a fresh doughnut again, and the Allergy and Free From show made my dreams come true (I’ve never seen my sisters eyes light up so much). They were soft, sugary and sensational. They sell them frozen, I would have stocked up but they would have defrosted on the way! You can order them from their website or the mini ones are available to buy in Tesco Yey! Feel Free also have a great stock of other amazing cupboard and frozen products, I can’t wait to try more of them!

@feelfreegf | Facebook | Instagram


3 Udi’s Tiger Loaf

I know it’s been out for a while but I’ve always had my eye on Udi’s new tiger loaf! It was honestly one of my favourite breads pre-coeliac and I was so delighted to get some at the show. I cut of two slices, toasted them, smothered one in Jam and the other in Philly, and floated up to a heaven above. Its soft, delicious and 100% the nicest gluten free bread I’ve tasted. I’d happily never eat another loaf again. Available from Tesco.

@Udis_uk  | Facebook  | Instagram


Lauren holding onto her loaf and munching on cake

4 Delicious Alchemy’s New Christmas Fruit Cake

I hate fruitcake, I hate Christmas cake and so does my sister. When I tasted Delicious Alchemy’s Christmas fruit cake, it was absolutely delicious! Nothing like the dry carpet cake of my childhood. Cover it in brandy and enjoy by the fire like a little old lady. Available from their online shop.

@4GlutenFreeFood | Facebook Instagram


5 Bfree Pitta’s

There is nothing nicer than a good pitta, however I’ve noticed that the GF ones tend to stick together, are difficult to cut in half and fall apart. These ones from Bfree were fantastic, soft and tasted amazing. Perfect with hummous, for a sandwich or grilled with cheese (my favourite way to eat them).  I can’t see them on their website at the moment but I hope they’ll be available soon.

@BFreeFoods / Facebook / Instagram


6 Amy’s Kitchen Burritto

This is technically Lauren’s gluten free thing she was loving at the allergy and free from show/ her favourite thing ever. These practical little meals are perfect for a quick snack or served with salad for a delicious lunch. They’re widely available, or you can buy them from their website just watch out though because not everything is Gluten Free.

@AmysKitchenUK / Facebook


7 Isabels’s Mixes

I love Isabel’s, its such a lovely brand. I particularly love their Yorkshire pudding mix, I repurchased this but got myself a new mix to try…Dough Balls Mix! Stocked in Asda and available on their website these dough ball would be amazing with added garlic and cheese. I wanna make a lovely spicy sauce to go with these as a dip! Mmmmm….



I bought soooo many other things…

An amazing bag of Dove Farm goodies, with a great free tote bag!

Two magazines from Free From Heaven and Gluten Free Heaven

Some incredible Chocolix from Schär

And so much more, I’ll be blogging about them as I go through my haul and try everything I bought.


Have you tried any of these products new to my radar? See anything you loved at the Allergy and Free From show? Let me know in the comments below.

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