What I Eat

Lots of the recipes and pictures I post on instagram are of special meals or things that I eat that look great and “insta-worthy” but what about the bog standard things I eat? It’s not all London Street food and fancy restaurants. Well, I don’t have a very vibrant or exotic range of foods in my daily repertoire…I don’t have edamame bean salads or chia puddings….either because you don’t really get stuff like that in my strange little town, or they are just too expensive. If I’m honest, my local supermarket only just started stocking avocados and I can only find sweet potatoes in Aldi or our local Asian store!


Breakfasts is my favourite meal of the day…if I don’t control myself I could have a full english, or eggs Benedict every day! But I don’t. 😦 Eggs are honestly my favourite food.



Normally I’ll have cereal, to be honest, I don’t really like it, its bland and I hate the super sugary ones! However,  recently I’ve fallen in love with Nutribix gluten free “weetabix, which I’ll have with yoghurt and fruit or milk. I absolutely love these Choco-Nut Pillows you get in Tesco, but they’re really sweet, so I have a few on top of a normal breakfast cereal like Nutribix or a GF Corn Flake (normally Asda or Glutafin). The nestle honey ones are good too!


Looks a bit gross I know!

At the moment, I’m looking for jobs so I’m pretty inactive, I’m normally slumped over my laptop frantically searching for jobs {If you’ve got one for me….let me know…I’d love to work for you, haha}. So I like to stick to lighter breakfasts with a healthy smoothie on the side.


If I’m going out, then I like to have a bigger breakfast, because chances are I won’t buy any food while I’m out. So I’ll go for Avo on toast, eggy bread, sausage sandwich, a Udi’s Bagel with scrambled egg or eggs Benedict on a Genius Crumpet (or actual GF muffins if I can get my hands on them, normally these ones).


Hollandaise sauce is so easy to make…double as you need.
Serves 2:
1 egg yolk
50g of butter
A good squeeze of lemon juice
a tsp of mustard (always check its GF…I like wholegrain mustard too)
Start by separating your egg if you haven’t already. Then melt your butter in a pan. Put a bowl over a pan of gently simmering water, and add the egg yolk, lemon juice and mustard. Whisk well together. Get an ice cube handy….trust me. Then slowly add some of the melted butter, whisking well, and add some more. Keep going until all the butter has been added. If you can see the mixture is starting to split…don’t despair…add the ice cube and keep whisking. Once all the butter is added you should have a smooth thick sauce, loosen with white wine vinegar if needed.
Brunch is now 100% better.


All breakfasts come with a side of Yorkshire tea.


{Dinner is what we call lunch, up here in the North}

Depending on what I’ve had for breakfast, I like to have soup or a big salad or a cheeky toasty for lunch. Jacket potatoes are a great lunch, but I love them when they’ve been baked in the oven for like an hour, so the skin goes crispy, often served with beans or tuna (only sustainably sourced). If I’ve had something “bready” for breakfast, I do try and avoid having bread again for lunch. Sometimes I’ll make myself a brunch style lunch…..I have a weakness for breakfasts!





{Tea is your Dinner}

Normally for dinner we have pasta. Chicken pesto pasta/roasted vegetable pasta/chicken pasta in a tomato sauce. We’re pasta crazy at the Byrne house!

A special treat is Pizza night, me and my sister love the DS salami pizza or the Asda Pepperoni/Garlic Bread. We got Dominos once but I was so sick {probably from cross contamination} I missed my train to visit my friend in Suffolk, so I don’t think I’ll order from there again.


I like to make special “feast” nights for my family, in recent weeks there’s been Caribbean and Mexican! I’ll post my favourite recipes from those nights soon!

Special recipes we like to make are, Melanzane alla Parmigiana, spinach and ricotta cannelloni (made from GF lasagne sheets) and Chicken alla Byrne…kind of like a chicken cacciatora but different.


When the winter nights role in, we tend to make a lot of stews in the slow cooker, chilli, mince and dumpling’s and shepherds pies!

I do try to make different stuff though…variety is the spice of life! But I do often fall back on chicken and pasta, but when you have two Coeliacs, a vegetarian, a fussy eater and a grumpy Dad, it’s hard to please everyone!

This week my parents have been away and I’ve been head chef for my sisters….so I’ve made:

Enchiladas (these didn’t photograph well…but tasted delicious)

Chicken with sweet potato and roast vegetables


Chicken Pasta with Butternut Squash


I cooked far too much pasta!

The recipe is here.

Parsnip and Carrot Soup



This is my “cheat” soup. I get these frozen bags of vegetables from Iceland, some cloves of garlic, 2 bay leaves, add a stock cube (we use Knorr Vegtables Stock because its GF), and salt & pepper….simmer then blitz in the food processor! I swirled a little single cream to bring a little creamy-ness and voila! Jobs a good’un.




Well everyone knows how much I love these plantain chips {and the rainforest variety} from Samai, but I love to snack on fruit (melon, berries, pink lady apples) and these little dried fruit packets, plain or yoghurt coated from fruit bowl or YU!


Just be careful with the Fruit Bowl ones because they contain “Gluten Free Wheat Starch” which is Gluten Free but obviously not Wheat Free!

I also love Pom Bears and Seabrookes crisps… I know they’re not great for you, but only every now and then.

Popcorn is a great snack for me, as it is naturally gluten free, I must prefer the savoury flavours, especially those from Propercorn.

I’m not normally a nutty kind of person but I love pistachios, you’ve just got to check the ingredients with all nuts as not all roasted nuts are Gluten Free?

Houmous is where my snacking dreams come true, often I have carrot sticks and houmous for lunch too…I love all the different flavours you get, caramelised onion, peri peri, roasted pepper! Oh!

Last week I was feeling really chilly and fancied something sweet so I had some low fat rice pudding (from a tin, but I do often make it from scratch) with a little lemon curd swirled in, a nice wintery treat {in September…I despair}.


I guess like everyone, my food preferences change as the seasons go round. Summer is all about BBQ’s and winter is about warming comfort food like stews and soups. But you can be as sure, as the sun will rise tomorrow, that we will eat a pasta dish pasta minimum twice a week.

I hope you enjoyed reading about what I eat. I’m lucky in a sense, that I’m only a coeliac, and don’t have any intolerance or dietary requirements {gluten is hard enough as it is}. I love to try food’s from around the world, especially when I’m eating out {London Street Food, Belgian, Indian, Burgers} but when I’m at home, it’s all about simple family friendly foods.

What do you like to eat daily? Any ideas how to make my diet more exciting/healthy/vibrant? Want any of my go-to recipes? Comment below x 


5 thoughts on “What I Eat

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      • I suppose the ‘real life’ element of it – it’s partly more of an insight into you and your day to day life (from a nosy element!) but also it’s more relatable. I cook food at home every day but may not always have the chance to eat out at restaurants you recommend – but that’s not to say I don’t like those posts too! 🙂 x

      • Awwwwh that’s lovely, thank you. I really enjoyed writing it actually because it was a bit different! I think that all the time, its difficult for people to relate to restaurants that they can’t visit, that’s why I stopped reading some US blogs! But it’s usually what I end up writing about because it’s hard to write about daily life, especially if you forget to take pictures or your food doesn’t look great! Hahah thanks Amy! 😘 X

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