Honeybuns Cakes and Bakes | Gluten Free Review


The lovely people at Honeybuns were very kind in sending me some of their yummy treats and bakes to try. It took me a while to write this post as I had to stagger eating the cakes as they were so delicious, I had to stop myself eating them all in one go.

What I noticed straight away is how beautiful the packaging is. Its stunning, I love vintage style, and this gorgeously done.

Firstly, I got to try one of their new baking mixes…”Gorgeous Gluten Free Cornbread Mix”





They suggest a variety of yummy recipes ideas including a muffins and pancakes. But I really wanted to get to the heart of the product and try a plain o’simple cornbread.

The instructions are really simple to follow, the inserts are beautiful and vibrant and get you truly excited about the product.

The bake itself was straight forward. However, I had a slight problem in the fact that my family were hungry and the chilli I made was already on the table. So I rushed turning out the bread…resulting in it collapsing as it was too hot. However I managed to rescue it and served it on a large plate to my ravenous family.














It was really delicious, the bread itself had a lovely taste and texture. There was a lot of “Mmmm….” , “Yummy” and “Ooooh”‘s going around the table.  I wish I’d added some fresh rosemary or thyme which would have complemented the nutty tones of the polenta beautifully, maybe next time!


Now, lets move on to the cakes.


The individually wrapped cakes and treats each have their own little personality and all ooze decadence and luxury.

The Almond Moon and Snowy Hills came in a little mini variety which was perfect for a lunch box, or with a cheeky mid-afternoon cup of tea.



The Milk Chocolate Brownie was gorgeous. A lot more complex in flavour and texture than other brownies I’ve had. I adored the big chunks…and the coffee! Wow! 🙂


The Clementine was deliciously soft, and very citrusy which I love. {Citrusy doesn’t look like a real word? but it’s the best word to describe this lovely cake!}

The Almondi was perfect with a Sunday Afternoon Coffee, I thought it would be crunchy and hard like a biscotti. But I was pleased when it was soft, and delightfully sweet!


I’m in love with Honeybuns, I love the brand, I love the cakes, I love the packaging. I really love their “Bee Green” ethic and I fell in love with Cino the Donkey, when I found his adorable face inside the cover of one of the treats. What a truly lovely brand.

Thanks for making the Gluten Free world a happier and brighter place!


and Oh! I can’t wait to go Glamping!

Naish Farm, Stony Lane

Tel: 01963 23597


 th    @HoneybunsBakery

th-2    HoneybunsBakery


Even though I was sent these products from Honeybuns as a gift, this did not impact my opinion. All words and pictures are my own.

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