Rossopomodoro, Italian Cuisine Covent Garden: Gluten Free Review


So, Ive heard about this restaurant from Twitter, Instagram and some blog reviews, and was super excited to try it!

“I loved this pizza! It was perfection” , that was a review from Its Got To Be Gluten Free, check out her review here.

So, how could I not try it?

I have to be honest, I was slightly disappointed when I heard it was a chain, but then I though, why does it matter? It just means that there are even more places to get amazing pizza!

Firstly, they state the GF pizza as NGCI (no gluten containing ingredients), which is clearly labelled on the menu and discussed extensively on the website.

We’d like as many people as possible to enjoy the best pizza this side of Naples, so we’re delighted to offer a number of our pizzas without gluten. While we can’t guarantee a 100% flour-free environment, no pizza with the NGCI (No Gluten Containing Ingredients) logo in our menu uses any ingredient containing gluten, but can’t be guaranteed to be free from gluten traces.

As well as discuss the measures they take to avoid cross contamination.

While it is never possible to guarantee 100% flour free environment we work hard to maintain any risk to a minimum. More in details we adhere to the policy below.

  • All our pizzaioli (pizza chefs) are trained to avoid cross contamination and to handle gluten free ingredients (Level 2 – Food Hygiene)
  • We only use Gluten Free pizza dough for our gluten free pizza. All gluten free dough is produced and stored separately from regular dough
  • We only use gluten free rice flour in the pizzeria preparation areas (pizza counter)
  • We only use gluten free toppings stored and labelled separately for our gluten free pizza
  • We bake all our gluten free pizza in trays and never in the same time as other regular pizza.
  • We periodically test our gluten free pizza in a specialized external lab to ensure that our procedures stay effective

So I decided I was perfectly happy to go there and try it. I would recommend you call ahead and book, letting them know how many people intend on having gluten free dough, Kevin Gallop from Gluten Free by the Sea, was super disappointed when they had no dough when he arrived. However it sounds as they were as accommodating as the could be!


So my boyfriend and I, went to the Covent Garden Restaurant (you can also find them in Notting Hill, Chelsea, Camden, Wandsworth and Birmingham), on Thursday evening. It was buzzing and had a great atmosphere, we had some olives (served with the bread separate) and a nice bottle of wine. The staff were really friendly and super knowledgeable.

So originally, I wanted the Ventura pizza: mozzarella, parma ham, rocket and parmesan, however when the waitress informed me that it didn’t come with tomato sauce, I was like say whattttt? I don’t think I could comprehend a pizza without sauce? So she recommended the Verace: which is their speciality pizza, with buffalo mozzarella imported from naples. She also said I would have parma ham on it! Eeeeek! My gluteny boyfriend ordered a Fru Fru gourmet pizza.

When the arrived we were so excited! The gluten pizza looked incredible, I must say. However, mine. Oh. My. God.

It was too dark to take a picture and quite frankly I’d eaten half of it already.

It was honestly amazing.

The sauce= so good.

The mozzarella= so good.

The parma ham= so good.

The base= incredible.

Everything just had so much flavour, I don’t think I’ve ever tasted mozzarella that actually tasted of something. I always associate it with a filler cheese, cheese for cheese sake. But NO! The tomato sauce tasted so fresh, it was like I could taste the sun! The base was really thin, and the crust crisp. Thin and Crispy. Incredible.

It was at a completely different standard to other italian chains, or other pizza chains. It was zoo good. I can’t wait to go again.

Here is their menu, you can see the GF pizza as it has a little asterisks beside it *

follow them on Twitter and Instagram: @RossopomodoroUK


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