Udi’s Gluten Free Bagels: Review

Yesterday, I ventured to ‘the big Tesco’ not too far from where I live, but beyond the normal Tesco Express I usually stop at. Whilst browsing, I found these beauties…. Now I’m quite a poor student, so I wasn’t going to buy them, until I noticed that they were on special offer for £1! That was like the same price as the New York Bagels (they have 5 in though). But still…a pretty good deal!20140205-165116.jpg

Now Udi’s have been around for a while in the UK, since December I think, and I’ve never had chance to try anything from them. Due to being a poor student and a very busy lady! I haven’t seen them in any of my regular stores, so it was nice to be able to jump on this bagel opportunity!


Now they looked good, I love the packaging, it’s fun and simple, but what about the taste?

Well I sliced it in half and popped them under the grill to toast, and I served it with asparagus, eggs and chili jam!

It was phenomenal! The whole thing worked beautifully.


As for the actual bagels, they were really yummy, soft and chewy like the bagels I remember from a bygone era! They looked like golden halos on my plate, I’m so glad I ruined my fast diet day for them…it was so worth it!

I’ve popped the rest in the freezer to reduce the temptation to eat them all!

Now, all of you….run to Tesco and buy them up before they go back up!

Beautiful. I’m going to rate these 10 out of 10! And guess what…they also come in cinnamon and raisin flavour too (but don’t put eggs on them :/ I can’t imagine that’s nice). And Udi’s, if you’re reading, I’d really like you to make some cheese and onion flavoured bagels please. Thank you 🙂




One thought on “Udi’s Gluten Free Bagels: Review

  1. I have to totally agree on these bagels! They are pretty darn close to the bagels I remember eating and loving way back when. I shall be running to Tescos shortly to see if they are still on offer. The cinnamon and raisin ones are good but not heavily flavoured which I liked but my G/F friend didn’t. Try the Savoury Bagels they have onion in and are yummy! My G/F son will happily tuck into a Savoury bagel without any toppings (strange boy).

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