Isabels’s Gluten Free Yorkshire Pudding Mix: Review

I know I have a lot of ‘Favourites’ but Yorkshire Puddings are literally my favourite! I’ve tried to make them many times, sometimes they work, and most of the times they don’t. My sister Lauren makes them the best! She is fantastic at them! No-one is allowed to watch her and she has a secret ingredient, she’s only 13 as well!

When the opportunity arose to try Isabel’s Gluten Free Yorkshire Pudding Mix I literally tried them straight away! And it’s Sunday! What could be better??


20131215-205048.jpgI’ve always been hesitant to buy packet mixes…being like its soooo lazy! or I can easily make that! But its looks as though I’ve been very wrong!

So I followed the instructions carefully on the back, step by step, and popped them in the oven…10 minutes in and they looked fantastic!


When it was time to come out, I had to try one ASAP! Oh my god, they were so good. Not firm or crispy like the frozen Aunt Bessie kind, I like mine soft and squidgey!



They certainly taste incredible but they also look fantastic! I’ve never made Yorkshire Puddings (either gluteny or non gluteny) that have a dip in the middle! 😮

They were beautiful and tasted so good. I’m so happy Isabel has brought this mix into my life. I’m also glad that they make ’14’ I made 12 in the tin and froze the ones I didn’t eat, and i’ve still got mix leftover to make some pancakes in the morning! PERFECT!

You could definitely use this mixture to toad in the whole! Mmmmmm…..


Thanks Isabel 🙂 You’ve made sundays even better!


2 thoughts on “Isabels’s Gluten Free Yorkshire Pudding Mix: Review

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