Quayside, Whitby. Gluten Free Fish and Chips Review.


So in August when Nathan and I decided to go camping to Whitby…I got very excited about the prospect of Fish and Chips. One thing I hate about getting fish and chips is they impose annoying time restrictions on you…you can only come on the sunday of the month at 2pm-4pm….its so frustrating because I either forget, not there or busy!

So when I found out about Quayside, I got very very excited…I know it doesn’t take much but it was justified.

20131020-155458.jpg20131020-155522.jpgThey had a nice little sign in the window saying ‘Gluten Free is an option, not an afterthought’…I literally jumped up and down with joy.


How adorable…

The staff were lovely and friendly, chatting to me about being gluten free and being really helpful. I didn’t have to wait much longer than the standard fish and chips order. I was even allowed to order the ‘yorkshire special’ were you got your fish and chips, a side (mushy peas of course) and a drink for like £7! it was brilliant.

We took our chips down to the water and sat watching the world go buy.

The chips were delcious, perfectly cooked and soft, while the fish was fresh, and the batter amazingly crispy. It was delcious!

If you’re ever in Whitby, The Quayside is totally worth the queue! The best fish and chips I’ve had.

Follow them on twitter: @Quaysidewhitby

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