My Old Dutch, Chelsea: Gluten Free Restaurant Review.


My Old Dutch is a chain of Pancake Houses across London, there is one in Chelsea, Holborn and Kensington.

After going to Amsterdam in the summer, I have been OBSESSED with pancakes…. which is really funny because I used to never eat them except on pancake day!

So on my last day in London, me and Nathan hopped on the tube and travelled from the Excel all the way to Chelsea to experience these pancakes! (We also wanted to have a noisy around Chelsea…I was strangely disappointed, I didn’t like it and I didn’t see any spoilt ‘Made in Chelsea’ types…)


Set in a sweet little shop, My Old Dutch oooozes cuteness from the outside and the simple decor inside always all the focus to be on the pancakes. I wasn’t blown away by the service, they weren’t particularly  rude  or bad, they just didn’t do much to welcome us, or be friendly.

So I sat down with the menu, I already knew that they did gluten free but that did not mean it was an easy decision. All the  Sweet, Savoury, Kids and Lite  Pancakes were available Gluten Free.

Eventually Nathan I both ordered bacon with maple syrup pancakes, Mine GF, his normal.

When it came, I was really excited but I cant lie, I was slightly disappointed. They were perfectly amazing, really delcious but they were just not as good as the one I had from Pancakes! in Amsterdam. Now it know it was unreasonable to expect, Holland is like the Queen of Pancakes!

The bacon was good and the syrup was good and Nathan loved his pancake. Its just the Gluten Free one had something about it that I can’t describe…they a bit chewy and a bit shiny… I don’t know what it was about them… they were just different. Maybe you should go and see for yourself…they have some fabulous and crazy looking pancakes!


2 thoughts on “My Old Dutch, Chelsea: Gluten Free Restaurant Review.

  1. I have never heard of this place and I live in London, so perhaps I will check it out! Also didn’t know that the Dutch were such masters of pancakes. ..I’ll make a mental note to verify this when I go to Holland!

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