Jones, Queens Road, Leicester. Review.

I forgot to publish this, I wrote it a while ago.

Jones is a lovely restaurant on Queens Road, Leicester. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. It doesn’t have specific gluten free meals but if you ask the staff, they’ll let you know what you can have. I ordered the bacon and Brie jacket potato, which was huge! One and a half potatoes, with a huge wedge of Brie and half a pig, served with a lovely side salad. My boyfriend treated me for being ever so brave after getting a blood test, which was super lovely of him! I’d recommend coming here for a casual brunch or lunch with friends. I’ve never been for dinner so I’m not sure what’s available for those in a gluten free diet. However with a nice little student discount, it’s excellent value for money!

2 thoughts on “Jones, Queens Road, Leicester. Review.

  1. Hi Beth–Was something suppose to be in this post? Or is this your review? Like my mother always said, “You got nothin’ nice to say, say nothin’.”

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