Mexican Polenta Tortilla Recipe

We love Mexican at home! But since going gluten free my sister and I have truly missed soft tortilla wraps. Gluten free versions are usually hard and in-edible. (We like Warburtons, but it’s expensive to buy them for the whole family). So I decided to make my own with cornmeal!

Using a traditional pancake recipe, I swapped the flour for fine grounded polenta (cornmeal) and pan fried them. Obviously they are not technically tortillas but they were great!


300g ground polenta
1 whisked egg

In a jug add the polenta, add the egg and stir. Keep adding milk until you a have a smooth pancake like batter. Pour a little of the liquid into a frying pan and fry on both sides until golden.
Place on a plate with some grease proof paper in between. I lightly dusted mine with rice flour.
Serve them straight away


{Free Printable Recipe}

Mexican Polenta Tortillas


Gorgeously Gluten Free


8 thoughts on “Mexican Polenta Tortilla Recipe

  1. I just found your recipe, I was trying to make tortillas with polenta, and it turned out a total disaster. I’ll get some eggs tomorrow and give the gf pancakes a try! 🙂

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