Carluccio’s: Leicester Resturant Review

I cant remember if I raved about my love of Carluccio’s or not the last time I went but I recommend all you gluten free metropolitan types to try it out. The menus is very extensive and the even have a Coeliac friendly kitchen, organised into separate fridges and preparation areas.

It was really nice too that the waiter remembered me and my boyfriend from the last time we visited, which I reckon was close to a year ago.

I can not stress enough how nice the gluten free menu is. I ordered steak with a roast pepper sauce, rosemary potatoes and zucchini. My boyfriend ordered a stew with grilled polenta, which turned out to be gluten free too so I tried it and it was FANTASTIC. My steak was cooked perfectly and the zucchini is to die for, we order it every time.

We (mostly) shared a ‘MERINGA CON PANNA AL FRUTA DE PASSIONE’ which was raspberry meringue with passion fruit cream and fresh summer fruits. It’s the perfect end to such an amazing dinner, I get that every time too….

UNTIL… we remembered last time we wanted to get this melted chocolate drink, I’ve forgotten its name but like everything else in this restaurant its truly beautiful and you MUST taste it!

I love this restaurant so much: friendly, knowledgeable staff, incredible food and a warm welcoming atmosphere. 5 stars all round!


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