Bella Italia Review. Leicester.

On Sunday night I went for dinner at Bella Italia (on Granby Street Leicester) for my friends birthday. As always I checked the menu beforehand and found a lovely selection of Gluten Free meals. The menu is marked ‘Gluten Intolerance Menu’ but I presume that is for legal reasons as they cannot guarantee gluten free as its made in the same kitchen; but thats like most places. So we sit down on out table of 25 and start to order, even though I had already looked at the menu, I couldn’t for the life of me decide what I want! I was a bit nagged by the fact that my ‘Gluten Intolerance Menu’ had no prices on it, so I had to keep referring back to the main menu which got a bit annoying after awhile and ended up ordering like a £5 desert! Ooops. In the end, my boyfriend and I ordered some olives for starters and I chose the Carne Mista Pizza which came with spiced italian pepperoni, salami, smoked ham and smoked pancetta. The main reason I chose it is that I wanted to compare it with the Prezzo pizza I had a couple of weeks ago. They also did a wide variety of gluten free pasta dishes which I’m keen to try in the future. The olives were really nice, no problems there, there was a good selection of starters available- mainly mozzarella based. Not good for the old vegans and lactose intolerant people. I have to admire the speed that they got the food out- the restaurant was quite quiet but it’s still hard to get 25 meals all out at the same time! When my pizza came the waiter had accidentally ordered me a Pollo Picante pizza, so when I told me of the mistake, he was really happy for me to keep the pizza and ordered me another one! I was well happy! I tried a slice of it while I waited and it was lovely, a bit spicy for me so I picked  out the chilli and asked for it to be put in a takeaway box. (I actually ate it for my lunch the next day whilst on a field trip). When my pizza arrived I found the base to be far nicer than the Prezzo base, really thin like a proper italian base. I had no complaints! It was wonderful. I would hightly recommend it to you all! AND we got 20% student discount! A thoroughly enjoyable meal, compliments to the chef and waiter! Even my gluten loving boyfriend tasted it and said it was ‘alright’! So love all round for Bella Italia and their delicious pizzas. 

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