Prezzo: Gluten Free Pizza Review- Leicester


So on Friday my wonderful Boyfriend took me out for dinner to Prezzo on Silver Street Leicester, We went there specifically because they do Gluten Free pizza and we had a voucher for 2nd meal of £2

found here:

The selection of gluten free pizzas was amazing- all the classic pizza’s were available on a gluten free base. However I was shocked to find that nothing on the menu was labelled GF, when I asked about the starters- no option was available. 

There were 13 pizzas available to me, I had the ‘Tre Gusti’ described wonderfully as “Pepperoni sausage, seasoned chicken, pancetta bacon, fresh rosemary, mozzarella, tomato”. 

Both my Boyfriend and I ordered this, mine GF and his not. I was so excited for this pizza because I haven’t had a nice one since my diagnosis!

When they came his looked amazing and mine just didn’t. I felt the cheese was scarce and unmelted, the pepperoni didn’t look sizzling and delicious and there was hardly any chicken. I decided just to eat it and not complain but in my first mouthful I discovered the pizza base actually wasn’t cooked at all, after some persuasion I complained.  The waitress was really friendly, she took the pizza away and made my complaint to the chef. Because of the layout of Prezzo the pizza chef stands inside the restaurant meaning I could see the waitress and chef. He did not look happy and after a few stares and groans in my direction the waitress came back and said it was like that because it was a different base, i told her again that I didn’t think it was cooked and said the ‘chef was happy to make me a new one’. A statement I knew to be untrue. My boyfriend ate away as I sat hungry- around 12 minutes later my new pizza arrived. 

Was it worth it? YES! The second pizza was amazing! A bit longer in the oven- and a tad more cheese was just what it needed. It was crispy, but soft and tasted really good. I would highly recommend Prezzo for all your pizza needs (maybe until the Dominoes pizzas come-who knows?). I was really disappointed by the lack of gluten free friendly information on the menu and I would have loved a starter but I think Prezzo has taken an EXCELLENT step in the right direction. I finished my meal with a really lovely hazelnut bomb which ended what was a very lovely meal with delicious food-eventually.

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